As I mentioned in the previous post, my task for these two weeks was to integrate Grouped Convolution with Unshared Convolution. While the actual code only took 3-4 days to integrate, ironing out the various bugs took almost 5 days more. Then I began work on Dilated Causal Convolution while waiting for reviews on my… Continue reading Integration


With my RoboCup competition from July 25th to 31st, I had correctly assumed that I would be doing no work during that week. What I hadn’t counted on was the number of last minute things (sudden equipment failure didn’t help) that would need to be done in the week leading up to the event, leading… Continue reading Distractions

A Month(!) of GSoC

As the title suggests, I can hardly believe that it’s been a month since I started working on this project. In that time, I’ve gotten used to staying up late into the night staring at my laptop and (figuratively) pencil-chewing, thinking of how to efficiently compute a gradient or something along those lines. It sometimes… Continue reading A Month(!) of GSoC